USFM to Manifest

When converting a USFM file such as 01-GEN.usfm into an RC follow the rules below when populating the Manifest File.


Some values are known by default since USFM is always used for Bible projects:

  • dublin_core:type = book
  • dublin_core:conformsto = rc0.2
  • dublin_core:format = text/usfm
  • dublin_core:subject = Bible translation
  • projects:categories = bible-ot or bible-nt depending on the project identifier

The rest may be parsed from the USFM:

id_<CODE>_(Name of file, Book name, Language, Last edited)

  • code -> projects:identifier
  • Book name -> dublin_core:title
  • Language -> dublin_core:language:title
  • Last edited -> dublin_core:modified


  • text -> projects:title

The following items will need to gathered by the person or app doing the conversion:

  • dublin_core:identifier
  • dublin_core:language:identifier
  • dublin_core:language:direction
  • dublin_core:rights
  • dublin_core:contributor
  • projects:versification